January 18


Sun Siyam Vilu Reef, the ultimate tropical boutique hideaway, was honored to welcome students and lecturers from Milan-Bicocca and IULM University, Italy, in a special educational initiative organized by MaRHE Center of the University of Milano-Bicocca, under the coordination of Elena dell'Agnese and Claudio Melli. This collaboration aimed to enhance awareness and understanding of sustainable tourism practices in the pristine environment of the Maldives.

Sun Siyam Vilu Reef and Milan-Bicocca and IULM UniversityStudents and lecturers from Milan-Bicocca and IULM University

The visit, which took place on 15 January 2024, saw eager students and experienced lecturers from Milan-Bicocca and IULM University exploring the sustainability initiatives implemented by Sun Siyam Vilu Reef. The resort's dedicated sustainability team guided the visitors through various aspects of their eco-friendly practices, showcasing the commitment to responsible tourism.

During the tour in the charming island, participants gained insights into the resort's conservation efforts. Sun Siyam Vilu Reef sustainability team emphasized the importance of minimizing the environmental footprint in the Maldives, a region known for its exquisite natural beauty.

Highlighting the success of the collaboration, Printey, representative of the Sustainability team at Sun Siyam Vilu Reef, expressed, "We are delighted to have hosted the students and lecturers from Milan-Bicocca and IULM University in partnership with the MaRHE Centre. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to promoting sustainable tourism and fostering environmental awareness. We believe that such initiatives contribute significantly to creating a positive impact on the global tourism landscape."

As a hands-on element of the educational program, the visitors actively participated in a tree planting session organized by Sun Siyam Vilu Reef. This engaging activity not only provided practical knowledge about afforestation but also symbolized a shared commitment to environmental preservation.

Sun Siyam Vilu Reef hosts Sustainability Educational ProgramTree Planting at Sun Siyam Vilu Reef

Claudio Melli, representing the MaRHE Centre, commended the collaboration, stating, "This program exemplifies the power of partnerships in advancing sustainable tourism education. The immersive experience at Sun Siyam Vilu Reef has undoubtedly enriched the understanding of our students and lecturers, fostering a sense of responsibility towards our planet."

The visit concluded on a positive note, with both parties expressing their enthusiasm for future collaborations. Sun Siyam Vilu Reef looks forward to continuing its commitment to sustainable tourism and fostering educational initiatives that promote environmental stewardship.