November 01

Presidents Tourism Gold Award

Sun Siyam Group Celebrates a Milestone Achievement at the Gala Held to Mark the Golden Jubilee of Maldives Tourism


As Maldives celebrates its 50 years of tourism, Maldivian-owned Sun Siyam Group is celebrating a milestone achievement of its own. At the Gala held on the third of October 2022 to celebrate the Maldives Tourism Golden Year, the owner and visionary behind Sun Siyam Group, Hon. Ahmed Siyam Mohamed received the “President’s Tourism Gold Award” for his exemplary contribution to the development of tourism in Maldives.

President Award

Renowned for being one of the most energetic and visionary businessmen in the country, Hon. Ahmed Siyam Mohamed is also one of the youngest resort developers in the industry. Since the inception of his first company, Sun Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd, he has carefully developed his business to create a thriving resort chain in just over three decades.

President Award

For his sustainable leadership in the Maldivian tourism industry, he has been recognized both locally and internationally as an icon of the hospitality industry. He has won the prestigious National Award from the President of the Maldives for distinguished services rendered towards the sustainable development of Tourism in the Republic of Maldives in the year. He also received the ‘Sustainability professional of the Year’ award at the World Sustainability Congress held in Dubai in 2016, ‘Tourism Pioneer’ award at the World Travel Awards 2016 and ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the Maldives Travel Awards 2016. He has continued to serve as an executive board member of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) since 2004. Hon. Siyam is committed to building a strong employable work force within the tourism industry to continue the legacy of Maldives as the frontrunner in global tourism.