Become a master of the waves and unleash your inner child at our floating water park
Make the most of WOW! Inclusive activities for a holiday you’ll never forget



Siyam World Horse Ranch

Riding along the coast with the sunrise or sunset, experience the freeing and
adventurous activity of horseback riding or visit our four legged beautiful friends at
the Siyam World Horse Ranch.

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Siyam World Horse Ranch Siyam World Horse Ranch

Loabi Fushi

Escape to the island of intimate romance with your special someone and feel the magnificent sandbank experience on your toes!

Beers, soft drinks, juice, sandwiches, fruits satay and H2O provided.

Time: 09:30 – 13:00
Price: $199 per Person.
50% Discount for Children below 12 Years.

Loabi Fushi Loabi Fushi

Kids Yoga

Mindfulness and relaxation for kids with interactive adventures that build strength, balance and confidence and get them into yoga and mindfulness early. So send your little stars to join us!

How long: A few hours
Cost: Complimentary

Mini zumba_2 Mini zumba_2


Improve your postural alignment and flexibility with group Pilates sessions, creating both strength and length. Our classes allow a focus on full body strengthening and toning and will sculpt your body into a longer, leaner and stronger version of yourself.

How long: A few hours
Cost: Complimentary

Pilates Pilates


Located at various places on the island with a twist of our local food delicacies and mouthwatering snacks of both sweet and savory, including coconuts, soft drinks and tropical fruits, that are sure to leave you wanting for more.

How long: A few hours
Cost: Chargeable

Gaadiya Gaadiya

Football Pitch

Experience adrenaline rushes and dopamine releases once a week on our international standard football and futsal fields and mute the rest of the world with one of the best sports that exists. Our local football team would love to be challenged.

How long: A few hours
Cost: Complimentary

World Sports Arena World Sports Arena


The name says it all! A great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the wondrous benefits of water and build your strength and activate your muscles with this super merry-making workout. It’s FUN!

How long: A few hours
Cost: Complimentary

Lady at waterpark Lady at waterpark


It’s happy hour for you and your child, Zumbini classes engage kids and teens with music, dance and educational tools by combining music, movement, and play.

How long: A few hours
Cost: Complimentary

Mini zumba_1 Mini zumba_1

Sunset Meditation

As the sun goes down behind the water villas and the beach, kissing the horizon and giving it a high five, sit down with us to acknowledge the sky above and see the colors changing.

How long: A few hours
Cost: Complimentary


Siyam Water World

The Maldives’ biggest floating water park to date. Think slippery slides, fun parkours, loads of obstacles, water trampolines, climbing walls and rafts, this fun water experience will keep everyone entertained.

How long: Daytime
Cost: Complimentary

Siyam Water World Siyam Water World


The Seabreacher is an extraordinary semisubmersible vessel that can jump over, dive under and carve left and right through the waves – and are even capable of 360-degree barrel rolls on the water.

How long: 20 minutes
Cost: Starting from USD400

Seabreacher Seabreacher

Asana Yoga

Practice the art of your mind and body combined with physical postures and breathing techniques to promote your mental and physical well-being with other participants. Enable every part of your system to become attuned to its essence, the conscious seer within, through yoga.

How long: A few hours
Cost: Complimentary

Sunset Yoga Sunset Yoga

Hydrofoil E-Bikes

The extraordinary Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 – the world’s first hydrofoil e-bikes. Capable of speeds up to 11 knots, these emission-free wave-riding phenomena creates a completely new cycling experience on water.

How long: 20 minutes
Cost: Starting from USD130

Hydrofoil E Bikes Hydrofoil E Bikes

Padel Tennis

You can now perfect your swings at our newly opened Padel Court! Gear up and get ready to swing away!

How long: A few hours
Cost: Complimentary

Padel Tennis Court Padel Tennis Court