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Make the most of WOW! Inclusive activities for a holiday you’ll never forget



The Early Risers Run Club

Request a wake up call, do those all important stretches and join our cardio crew for a few laps around the island before breakfast. The perfect motivation for maintaining an existing regime on vacation, or taking your first steps towards a healthier life. 

How long: 1 hour
Cost: Complimentary

Sunset Sessions

Soundtracked by a live DJ on the beach, our weekly Sunset Sessions provide the ultimate transition from day to night. Flaming torches burn long after sundown, with an invitation to linger longer and toast another day in paradise. 

How long: Evening

The Island Community Club

An enriching activity to enjoy alone or with the kids, our Island Community Club offers you the chance to engage with local communities or environmental initiatives, and make your mark in preserving the beauty of our island home for generations to come. 

How long: Half day

Bonfires and Stargazing

Guests of all ages are invited to gather together and take a trip through the celestial heavens with our resident astronomer. Sessions conclude with the chance to view a nebula a staggering 2.5 million light years away, for an unforgettable and deeply humbling end to an evening. 

How long: A few hours