Siyam World Horse Ranch

Siyam World Horse Ranch

Siyam World Horse Ranch

Maldives Horse Ranch

Do you love riding horses? How about riding on a warm beach with the wind in your hair as you marvel at the inspiring tropical landscape? 

This can be a reality! Visit Sun Siyam Resorts for the ultimate horseback riding experience. We offer our guests the finest luxury Maldives accommodations experiences, giving you the time to explore your passions with endless recreation opportunities or simply relax and lounge on the world’s most beautiful beaches.

A horse riding trip at Sun Siyam Resorts begins at Siyam World on our sprawling 16,000-square-meter horse ranch. This ranch is home to our very own Marwari breed, mares and stallions as well mixed breed ponies . While at Siyam World, you're welcome to visit our stables, observe our meticulous horse care practices and watch our horses enjoying our expansive paddocks.

Siyam World Horse Ranch

Siyam World Horse Ranch is home to Marwari breed Mares and Stallions as well as ponies! A remarkable 16,000 square meter horse ranch that boasts an array of exceptional facilities, including dedicated stabling, well-appointed stalls, conveniently stocked feed and tack rooms, refreshing water troughs, dedicated spaces for hay and bedding storage, and expansive fenced paddocks and fields, as well as a state-of-the-art vet clinic.

Ride along the coast with the sunrise or sunset, experience the freeing and
adventurous activity of horseback riding or visit our four-legged beautiful friends. Its never too early to saddle up as we offer pony rides to children aged 4-11 years as well!

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Discover the Beauty of Maldives Horse Riding

Exploring the islands on horseback offers a unique perspective not achievable on foot. Opt for one of our full-sized Marwari horses for adults and older children, while younger ones aged 4 to 11 can enjoy a pony ride, ensuring a memorable family experience.

A group horseback ride is one of the best ways to bond while experiencing the beauty of this Maldivian island. Just imagine gliding down the beach during sunset, watching clouds float by in the warm light. This is what Maldives horse riding is like — a seamless blend of adventure, relaxation, beautiful landscapes and ocean views during your journey.