Water World

Maldives Floating Water Park

Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a family vacation, our water park at Siyam World will open up a world of fun during your trip to the Maldives. Our floating Maldives water park is perched on top of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and is free for Sun Siyam guests. So what can you expect during your visit?

Siyam Water World

The Maldives’ biggest floating water park to date. Located within our crystal-clear turquoise lagoon and a thrilling adventure for all ages and levels. Think slippery slides, fun parkours, loads of obstacles, water trampolines, climbing walls and rafts, this fun water experience will keep everyone entertained.

How long: Daytime
Cost: Complimentary

  • Siyam Water World

About Our Floating Water Park in The Maldives

Vacation is your time to get in touch with your innate sense of play, and that’s what the Siyam World Water Park is all about. This aquatic wonderland, part of the larger Siyam World integrated resort, promises a thrilling escape for visitors of all ages, combining the charm of the Maldivian landscape with many exhilarating water-based activities.

The floating Maldives water park offers a number of different things to slide, climb, and bounce around on. We have climbing walls, water trampolines, slides, rafts, and obstacles galore. It’s the perfect place to run around with your family, and we promise your kids will be begging not to leave at the end of the day.

The Siyam World Water Park is open during the daytime only, which is the best time to enjoy the ocean. There’s nothing like sliding off a large blow-up structure into the refreshing blue waters of the Indian Ocean, emerging to the laughter of you and your family as you play together.

After running around the Siyam World Maldives water park all day, you can take a load off at our modern spa or enjoy many wonderful restaurants on the resort property with friends and family. After a day running around under the sun at the water park in the Maldives, we can promise that your first fine glass of wine will taste better.

Come to Siyam World for the experience of a lifetime. From water parks to sports, we have an ocean adventure for you!