Maldives Water Sports

Building a connection with the ocean is a popular reason for visiting the Maldives. Some travelers love lounging on the beach soaking up the sun; others like to hang on the terrace with a drink, enjoying the rush of the waves crashing into the shore, while some more adventurous visitors gravitate toward a variety of water sports.

And that's the beauty of Siyam World -- our most recent resort offers a range of Maldives water sports guaranteed to excite every water lover. Whether kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, jet skiing or kitesurfing, Siyam World is the place to be for a wide range of enticing recreation opportunities.

Another benefit of Siyam World’s facilities is our experienced instructors. You could be an experienced athlete, or it may be your first time trying kitesurfing; whatever your experience level, our staff will help you build the necessary skills to have fun in the water.


Experience Thrilling Water Sports in the Maldives


The awe-inspiring oceans and picture-perfect beaches enhance the experience of undertaking water sports in the Maldives. When you’re snorkeling or kayaking, the warm and crystal-clear water lets you see the beautiful plants and animals gracing our oceans.

One of Siyam World’s unique offerings is the Cudajet experience. The Cudajet, an innovative underwater jetpack, propels people smoothly through ocean waters. Strapping this device onto your back transforms you into an explorer, cruising unencumbered across coral reefs. As you gently maneuver through vibrant shoals of fish, you might feel a rush of exhilaration similar to the apex ocean predators who rule the oceans.

Maldives water sports at Siyam World are all about enjoying yourself. After an active day in the ocean, unwind at Sun Siyam Resorts with cocktails by the pool, indulgent dinners with loved ones and restful sleep on plush king beds before your next aquatic adventure.