Diving at Siyam World

For first timers or experienced divers, our SSI certified dive centre offers an array of courses in and around Noonu Atoll. Several excursions and dive trips are available to explore the beautiful underwater sights and species, and lets you dive deep into the Indian Ocean.

Head out to explore the open water and sheltered reef during the day or by moonlight. Whatever your level, you haven’t truly experienced the Maldives until you delve underwater.

The team at the dive centre accompanies our guests throughout the day to the most beautiful parts of Noonu Atoll. From morning dive sessions and amazing reef exploration trips to sunset or night dives – guests will feel absolutely amazed by what the underwater world has to offer. Talks with Marine Biologist and nature exploration are part of the daily activities schedule as well.

Either group or privately guided trips are available at the Dive Centre.