Maldives Ocean Villas

Living in a Maldives ocean villa is like living in a dream. With a private terrace and pool built directly over the water, it'll feel like you’re floating. Picture the vast expanse of the sea, extending seamlessly from your balcony to the distant horizon, offering you and your dear ones a breathtaking panorama.

The ocean villas at Sun Siyam are highly sought-after in the Maldives, and for good reason. These opulent retreats provide the perfect escape for you and your loved ones. You can decide between a water villa located directly on the Indian Ocean or one of our fun lagoon villas, which have a slide, allowing you to take a dip whenever the mood takes you.

Those who want to be closer to the beach can choose our pool beach villa, which gives direct access to the beach and the lagoon. Feel comfortable with your private pool, indoor and outdoor showers and a king-size bed in our Maldives ocean villa. Here at Sun Siyam Resorts, we are the only resort with this experience. Make the right choice by choosing a fun and playful slide for your trip.

The perfect sea-laxation that comes with the best of both worlds: ocean and lagoon views. At the Ocean Villas, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean and our beautiful turquoise lagoon from your very own private terrace while sipping cocktails in your private pool. Perfect for those who love a little fun on their holidays but require a bit more space to make unforgettable memories. Enjoy your private sundeck with sun loungers, a bathroom with indoor shower, a mini bar, Wi-Fi and views that are out of this world. Ocean lovers gotta love it - We Think!

Ocean Villa With Pool + Slide - Floor plan

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The Ocean Villas Experience

The experience of staying in one of these ocean villa resorts can be challenging to describe in words. Communing with the sea is probably the best description — after all, not many places allow you to eat, drink and relax in close proximity to the water.

Sun Siyam’s overwater villas are more than just novelties. The Siyam World Maldives ocean villas are tickets to a world of opportunity. From getting in touch with the nature around you to taking sunset swims down the slide with your family, these Maldives ocean villa packages unlock opportunities you wouldn’t have with other types of accommodations. 

If you are looking for a unique and fun experience, choosing the Ocean Villa with slides will guarantee a trip like no other.