Discover underwater shipwrecks, get a taste for kitesurfing or meet the mantas
Adventures above and below the waves, to make every day more daring



Floating Platform Dinner

Experience this unique concept of dining available only at Sun Siyam Olhuveli Maldives. With romance, a delectable menu and the view of the cosmos just above you, it’s the perfect dinner experience for you and your soulmate!

How long: A few hours 
Cost: Chargeable

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Floating Dinner_1 Floating Dinner_1

Manta Point

Join us every evening to watch our neighbouring mantas enjoy their plankton dinner. Make the most of the opportunity to get up close with these unique creatures, and watch from the resort jetty as they circle their favourite feeders. 

How long: A few hours 
Cost: Complimentary

Group of Manta Rays_1 Group of Manta Rays_1


Take a deep dive to find a hidden shipwreck discovered in Vaavu Atoll, a short boat ride away. Swim amongst the schools of fish that gather in this magical spot, taking some time out to explore what lies beneath the ocean's surface.

How long: Half day 
Cost: Chargeable

Shipwreck Snorkeling_2 Shipwreck Snorkeling_2


Harness the power of the wind and propel yourself across the turquoise waters with this exhilarating sport. You’ll hit the waters gliding through the wind on the vast lagoon. Master a new skill with the guidance of our experienced instructors.

How long: Half day
Cost: Chargeable 

Kite Surfing_4 Kite Surfing_4

Thrill Seeker

We’re proud to be known as one of the best watersport centres in the Maldives, with a team of talented instructors on hand to help you hit that adrenaline buzz. If you can’t decide which to choose, opt for the Thrill Seeker package to try your hand at kitesurfing, parasailing, windsurfing and more.

How long: A few hours
Cost: Chargeable

Catamaran_4 Catamaran_4

Snorkeling Excursion

A relaxing way to experience underwater life with the whole family, grab a snorkel and venture out to explore the amazing reefs of the atoll. A firm favourite with all ages and abilities, we can lend equipment and guide you towards the best areas for wildlife spotting.

How long: A few hours
Cost: Chargeable 

Snorkeling at Vilu Reef_1 Snorkeling at Vilu Reef_1