May 06

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon in The Maldives

As newlyweds, you’re likely craving a blissful escape to a tropical island after all the excitement of your wedding, and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you book your honeymoon in the Maldives. 

The Maldives exude romance as they promise to deliver the most memorable getaway for two, where you and your spouse can relax and revel in that newlywed bliss. Between the idyllic white-sand beaches, inviting turquoise blue waters, rejuvenating spa treatments and endless entertainment, it’s no wonder this destination continues to be a favorite honeymoon spot for those who have just tied the knot. 

Now, if you and your partner have your sights set on these enchanting islands, you’re probably wondering how to plan a honeymoon trip to the Maldives. That’s where we can help! In our guide to planning a romantic Maldives honeymoon, we cover everything you need to know, from choosing your resort to creating your itinerary. 

Follow along to discover all the ins and outs of honeymooning in this tropical paradise. 

Understanding the Maldives

maldives island from aerial view

Before making your Maldives honeymoon plan, let’s learn more about this alluring destination. 

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives has 26 atolls and 1,200 coral islands. Though it’s considered the smallest country in Asia, it’s also one of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries, spanning nearly 90,000 square kilometers. It’s also interesting to note that while the Maldives has many atolls, some uninhabited islands.

Because the Maldives straddle the equator, the country experiences year-round warm weather, with an average temperature between 26 and 29 degrees Celsius. It has a wet and dry season, which often determines when honeymooners like to visit. Traditionally, the rainy and low seasons bring rainstorms and humidity, usually lasting between May and October or November. Meanwhile, the dry season (the most popular time to visit) usually tends to be sunnier and less humid from December to April. That said, due to climate change, the weather is more unpredictable these days, so the dry and wet seasons are not as pronounced as they once were.

When traveling to the Maldives, it’s also important to be mindful of its culture and customs. It’s a Muslim country with a predominantly Islamic culture, so it’s best to dress conservatively and avoid public displays of affection when outside of the resort.

Dhivehi is their national language, but most locals speak English, and resort staff often speak other languages, like German and French. While knowing Dhivehi to get around the islands is unnecessary, learning a few words is always appreciated. For example, “Maruhaba” means “welcome”, while “Shukuriyaa” means “thank you.”

Furthermore, the Maldives is home to diverse marine life and coral reefs, so it’s crucial to follow ecotourism practices to help protect the delicate ecosystem. Pack reef-safe sunscreen, properly dispose of litter, respect the sea animals and don’t remove anything from the beaches like coral, sea shells or sand.

Planning Your Trip

So, how do you plan a Maldives honeymoon? Begin by deciding when you want to visit. While most honeymooners tend to plan a trip sometime between December and February, in the middle of the dry season, no matter when you visit, the weather is always warm, making any time an ideal time to visit this tropical destination. However, if you’re looking for the most affordable time to visit, consider booking your trip during the summer months when prices tend to be cheaper.

Next, it’s time to decide which island you want to stay on and what type of accommodation you’d like. The beauty of the Maldives is that there are so many wonderful choices, as you’ll find all kinds of hotels and all-inclusive resorts with options such as standard rooms, beachfront villas, overwater villas and residences with one to four bedrooms that will match your every preference.

For instance, our collection of Sun Siyam Resorts is highly sought after by honeymooners as our accommodations feature lavish overwater villas and suites like the romantic beach villa and romantic water villa, which have private plunge pools, stunning views and private access to the turquoise waters. Our paradisiacal resorts boast luxury villas right on the sand, just steps from the shoreline. Whatever kind of romantic retreat you envision as a couple, you’ll find it at one of the Sun Siyam Resorts. And if you book at least four stays, you can enjoy our exclusive honeymoon offer with add-ons like turn-down service and special gifts.

Once you’ve decided where to stay for your Maldives romantic honeymoon, book international flights to Velana (Malé) International Airport on Hulhulé Island and arrange transportation to your island resort. Available transportation options include seaplane, domestic flight, or speedboat. 

Creating Your Maldives Honeymoon Itinerary

When building your Maldives honeymoon itinerary, keep a few things in mind. 

To start, how many days will you be staying in the Maldives? Knowing helps you decide how many free days you have to fill and whether you’re creating a short-stay or extended-stay itinerary. 

When deciding how to spend your Maldives honeymoon, you’ll likely need to rest after arriving on the island, so you may want to plan some low-key, relaxing experiences in the first few days to kick off your honeymoon, like lounging by the pool or getting massages. 

Then, consider the kind of couple you are and what piques your interests. If you’re a thrill-seeking duo, you may want to add scuba diving excursions and underwater jetpack adventures to your list. However, if you’re a more laid-back couple, you might add spa services, yoga sessions and sunset meditations. No matter your preferences, you’ll find romance around every corner at your resort, from starting your day with a floating champagne breakfast in the privacy of your own pool to ending your day nestled close in an outdoor cinema under the stars. To further take the romance up a notch, horseback ride along the back, reserve a private candlelit dinner on a floating platform and sample wines with an expert sommelier. It’s a good idea to prioritize your top activities to ensure you get to the most important items on your list. 

Also, consider whether you’d like to stay in the same place the entire time or island hop. As a starting place, you'll find the Sun Siyam Resorts located in Noonu Atoll, Dhaalu Atoll and South Malé Atoll, all with unique attractions. 

Other things to consider when creating your Maldives honeymoon plan include giving yourself enough time to get from one activity to the next, keeping track of your budget, making time for meals along the way and padding in some extra downtime to rest and explore the many on-site amenities at your resort. Remember, be flexible and open, as traveling can be unpredictable sometimes.

Romantic Activities in the Maldives

couple sitting on beach and holing each other at sunset

For more inspiration for your Maldives honeymoon itinerary, explore all the romantic experiences you can enjoy at the Sun Siyam Resorts and around the island, such as private dinners on the beach, sunset cruises and couples massages. Romance is truly alive and well in the Maldives, as you and your partner will find your fair share of romantic experiences, whether horseback riding together at sunset or toasting to your love with epic ocean views.

Sun Siyam Resorts also feature honeymoon offers that include additional romantic perks to add to your itinerary, like special honeymoon dinners, complimentary non-motorized watersports and special discounts on spa services and other water activities.

After spending the day snorkeling, renting a moke or playing a friendly round of tennis together, keep the fun going as you indulge at one of the many on-site restaurants at your resort. At Sun Siyam Resorts, the decadent options are practically endless, and the cuisine is from around the world. For instance, the Sunset Restaurant offers an international buffet experience with chefs who cook right before you, while Kaage serves authentic Maldivian fare paired with legendary ocean views. You and your partner can wind down with tropical cocktails and world-class cuisine as you look forward to the next day’s adventures. 

Tips for a Memorable Honeymoon

The Maldives set the scene for the most romantic and memorable honeymoon, but it’s up to you and your partner to make the most of it!

As we previously mentioned, knowing the language isn’t necessary, but learning a few words can help you create a deeper connection with the locals. In the resort, British Pound, Euro, US dollars, and Maldivian Rufiyaa are accepted. You can exchange your money for Rufiyaa at the currency booths or ATMs at the airport. 

When packing for your honeymoon in the Maldives, your passports should be first on the list. Also, bring conservative clothing if you plan to venture outside the resorts and pack your sun hats and plenty of reef-safe sunscreen, as the sun’s rays are the strongest at the equator. Of course, you may bring your camera or hire the professional photography service at the resort to capture all your honeymoon memories.

And finally, when shopping for mementos, make ethical souvenir choices. For example, avoid purchasing gifts made of coral or turtle shells. Not only does this promote the banned practice of taking wildlife from the sea, but coral and tortoise exports are illegal.

Book Your Romantic Maldives Honeymoon in the Maldives

As newlyweds, you deserve nothing less than a romantic retreat as you embark on this new phase of your lives. We invite you to indulge in our tropical paradise, where you’ll experience the magic of island time. Whether you spend your honeymoon embarking on adventures or simply reveling in the beauty of the picturesque scenery, this is one holiday you’ll treasure forever.

Romance awaits in the Maldives. Book your honeymoon at one of our dazzling Sun Siyam Resorts today and take advantage of our special offers. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to comment below!