The Plankton Grill

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Local Seafood

The Plankton Grill is an outdoor seafood restaurant with an open-style kitchen. Guests are offered a selection of seafood available at the counter, ranging from fresh red snapper and grouper to crab and lobster. We season our dishes with freshly made marinades, cures, and rubs to ensure a fantastic dining experience. Please see below for more details about The Plankton Grill.

    • Serving: Dinner
    • Specialty: Freshly caught seafood grill
    • Hours: 19:00 to 22:00
    • Location: Beachfront
    • Indoor seating capacity: 12
    • Outdoor seating capacity: 32
    • Attire: Causal/beachwear
    • Reservations required: Yes

    Click here to reserve your table at our outdoor seafood restaurant, The Plankton Grill.

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