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Our Community

From stories passed down through generations to the purity of the silky white sands of our beaches, there is something new to be discovered around every corner in the Maldives. Behind every part of this island's natural beauty lies a story. We strive to preserve each of those stories and connect our guests to the rich culture and traditions that make our community of islands a destination like no other.

Social Responsibility

Here at Sun Siyam Iru Fushi we believe in the importance of social responsibility. We engage in efforts that preserve atoll's traditions while also improving quality of life. We invite our guests to seek a deeper connection to the atoll's people and culture. You could, for example, spend a day with local fisherman who supply fresh seafood to our restaurants, practise English with their children at the village school, or discuss stories and recipes with the local women.

Our guests leave with a unique insight into the Maldives feeling enriched by our culture and traditions. At the same time our communities benefit from the support offered by us and their meaningful interactions with you. We welcome you to our home and into our hearts.

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